Mary and Nathan had a beautiful August wedding in Newmarket, ONT. The wedding started off at a little church on the top of Main street and then carried on the celebration at Mary's church just on the other side of town :)

I first met Mary in early 2013 and since then we've been good friends! With Nathan having lived in South Africa for a while it instantly gave us that connection. It was a huge joy for me to be able to spend the wedding day side by side Nathan & Mary. What a fun and joyous day it was!! 

Something that I really love about these "getting ready" photos is obviously this GORGEOUS room. I primarily work with natural light so when I saw the big window and the grey and cream colour pallets, I just melted. With the pop of colour the bridesmaids dresses added to the scene it was absolutely, perfectly beautiful!


This little church on the very top of main street made for the perfect backdrop for Mary and Nathan's nuptials. Mary obviously had a very colourful and charming vision for her wedding day, something that stood out for me is definitely her hand-painted backdrop that she and her bridesmaids put together to set the perfect scene for hers and Nathan's big moment (the backdrop was later used again for their photobooth, so creative!!)! We had an absolute blast capturing these key moments during the ceremony :) 

Something that I've always loved doing is capturing photos of guests at a wedding so here's a handful!

Mary briefly explained to me what she was looking for in regards to her wedding photos. For example the feel and the scenery. So after scouting locations I felt like I totally nailed down her vision and we found two awesome places that I felt fit Mary's vision and my artistic style to a "T"! :) Why is it that all the places with the "NO TRESPASSING" signs that have the best views? ;)

After taking a sea of photos with everyone we headed out to the reception! Mary's hard work was finally being showcased and showcased IT WAS! All the little details and time spent were observed and noticed by everyone, there were many hardworking hands involved in the set-up and everyone was thanked accordingly. It was so wonderful to witness the encouragement and love that all of Nathan and Mary's friends and family share for them! Truly a perfect day with an even more perfect end (I'm talking about Sparklers here)! :)