Most of my best memories taking photos have been when they’ve happened spontaneously. It was April 15th (the day before last) around 5:30 pm, I was in a tractor with my lovely farmer boyfriend Jordan and it started snowing. You have to understand that for it to be snowing beautifully (like movie snow beautifully) mid april is fairly unexpected. I turned to Jordan and I said “I wish I could be taking photos right now” and his reply was “why don’t you?”. Inspired by what Jordan had just said I quickly searched my brain and thought of Nathan and Mary, the perfect candidates and they live only 15 minutes away! I took a risk, called Mary and she was shocked at first at the idea but soon enough the excitement in her voice was undeniable and I was getting pumped! A little more than 1 hour later we met up and had the shortest engagement session of my life but I love the result! I hope you do to 

Thanks for reading  Ill be doing the rest of their photos on saturday so you’ll soon be seeing Nathan and Mary’s engagement shoot Part II