I used to think that anyone who wanted photos was our ideal client. After a very successful (but not without it's challenges) 2016 experience I quickly realized that I was un-intentionally forming an "ideal Ophra client" in my head and spilling that idea onto my Instagram account. I just couldn't help it!

Being a self made business woman, I've had Many ups and downs but I've never stopped loving to learn. As a result, many of my clients are entrepreneurs themselves and have a love for learning and have a real sense of where their money is coming from that they are investing into their wedding day. 

Something I've more recently developed (prepare your eyes for a good roll here!) is that I absolutely without a doubt am a crazy dog lady! I love my Dog so much that I actually attract Brides and Grooms who also Love dogs! I actually thought about Giving Daisy, Our lovely English Cocker Spaniel her own tab on this website but settled for starting her an Instagram account (@lazy_daisy_days).

I saved this for last but it is without a doubt one of the most crucial things I urge for in a client.

It's a artistic eye and appreciation for the hard work that goes into a wedding for Melissa and I. We put a lot more than just "photo wedding coverage" into a wedding day. I like to think every single one of our clients can testify to this (See our testimonials page here). Some of our clients don't have One creative bone in their body but they get completely overwhelmed over seeing how beautiful their wedding collection turns out in the end.

Thank you for reading! We take bright, pretty and fun photographs for real people and This is our Ideal Client.